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Our Mission

We are empowering financial liberation for young people of color who, through employment in the film and live event industry, are building skills that nurture personal growth. We create and are hired to create projects that provide diverse talent with the tools necessary to bring their artistic vision to fruition.

We live by excellence by seeking to be the greatest in everything we do.  We follow our passion wholeheartedly because we love what we do.  We stand firmly for what we believe in, and our passion gives us a sense of purpose.  We are driven by positivity and are self-motivated thinkers.  We have clearly defined goals and will stop at nothing to achieve them.  In our desire to deliver events and films of quality, we are all about results, not excuses! 

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Our Story

In July of 2009, two old high school friends got together over dinner to "catch up" on the life they had been leading as the years apart never really tore them apart. They were best friends in high school, and that friendship never died. After "catching up" for three hours, one of the friends, Joy, asked the other, Nerissa, "What do you want to do in life?"  Nerissa answered, "give people jobs and have fun doing it!"That Chile Got Talent was born at that table that night with Nerissa and Joy sitting there until the restaurant closed, figuring out what the company would be and, better yet, what it would become. Two women who had nothing but time to lose made a choice to follow their dreams and never let them go.  


Over the next five years, Joy and Nerissa managed and arranged more than 100 events throughout the Boston and South Shore area. In 2011 Nerissa decided to return to school and get her MFA in Film Production from Emerson College. Joy decided to grow her family and had another child. All while still hosting events and setting a name for themselves in the community. Nerissa produced films, and Joy provided the necessary Graphics to make the projects come alive. In the spring of 2014, Joy stepped down from TCGT, but Nerissa still held on and is still the organization's CEO today.


Since Nerissa's graduation in May of 2015, she has taken TCGT Entertainment to the next level by building an infrastructure of talented women who bring their A-game to the table for every event, film, or conference. The management never stops, and the goal to grant jobs to those society seems to overlook has never died. We employ a minimum of 10 people per live event. Our roster of independent contractors continues to grow. We are proud to provide an outlet for our veterans and mothers who need mothers' hours.  


TCGT Entertainment has become a standard in the City of Boston, and we aim to live up to it daily!

Meet The Team



Nerissa L. Williams Scott

Mrs. Williams Scott – CEO/Lead Creative Producer of TCGT is Affiliate faculty at Emerson College, Mass. College of Art and Adjunct faculty at Boston University. She is a graduate of Hampton University, where she received a Bachelor of Art degree in Fine and Performing Arts.

Live Event Production Manager

Christine Castasus

Christine is the Accounting Supervisor at Creative Office Pavilion (COP) in Boston, MA, but her knack for organization and logistics has led to her love of coordinating events. Her passion comes from her personal and professional experience.


House Film & Video Editor

Elías Mendoza Vivas

Eli is as a video editor with 10 years of experience in freelance video editing. He edits, creates video graphics, provides color grading and color correction, and designs workflows for efficient media management.

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Chief of Staff to the CEO & Lead Producer

tamia rashima jordan, M.Ed.

tamia rashima jordan, M.Ed. is an educator who channels her energy into projects focused on healing within the BIPOC (Black & Indigenous & People of Color) community. She grounds her work in Emergent Strategy (a.m. brown), community accountability (Kaba et. al.), healing justice, and transformative justice (G. Boggs et. al.).


Education & Production Coordinator

Catarina Aragon Lopez

Graduated from Emerson College in 2019 with a BFA in Theater Education and Performance and a Minor in Latin American and Latinx Students. Her career experience includes implementing educational programs for youth with a focus on media, entertainment, and performing arts.

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  • HourStrategy

  • Next Leadership Development Corporation

  • Secret Society of Black Creatives

  • Seedbox Digital

  • Roxbury International Film Festival


  • Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative

  • Partnership Inc.

  • Greentown Labs

  • Next Leadership Development Corporation

  • Secret Society of Black Creatives

  • Silent Party King 

  • The Loop Lab 

  • Origin (MassQ Ball) & Create and Record

  • Playland (Artless Media) 

  • BAMS Fest

  • Boston Public Health Commission

  • MultiCultural AIDS Coalition

  • Mystic River Watershed Association

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